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People are more (for lack of a better word) obsessed with health than ever before and losing weight is a very popular concern. We want to lose for mainly two reasons: to look good especially for summer (some people start losing weight during winter to prepare for summer) or just to be healthier. Looking good is a bonus for feeling good. One of the ways to help you lose weight is to combine Turmeric with Garcinia Cambogia than just Turmeric and HCA by themselves.

Is Garcinia Cambogia a Fruit?

Yes, It is a fruit from Indonesia and it is also known as a brindleberry, Malabar tamarind and pot tamarind (kudam puli). It looks like a baby pumpkin but it is pale yellow or red and green in color and can grow to be the size of either an orange or a grapefruit. It is grown in trees and can be found in Southeast Asia, west and central Africa and India.

What is Special about It?

There are many things that make it special because it has a lot of health advantages. These include lowering cholesterol in your blood as well as losing weight among many other things. Weight Loss is the exact reason it became a sensation in the past few years after the garcinia cambogia diet was talked about on the Dr Oz Show.

For weight loss it acts as a fat blocker because it is high in Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and this can stop the fat from forming around your problem areas such as hips, thighs and waist areas. It is also able to improve your metabolism system by helping the body target the areas of fat that is already there without adding more to it. Garcinia Cambogia is also able to increase your serotonin hormone which is responsible for your level of happiness. The higher your level the less likely you will stress eat and overeat. You get to fill a sense of fullness and because of this the supplement is seen as an appetite suppresser. Before you combine the two here is some information about Turmeric.

Is Turmeric a Spice?

Once again you are correct, Turmeric (its scientific name is Curcuma Longa, use that fact for your trivia night out) is a spice. A very popular spice in many Asians and Indians dishes such as curry. To my knowledge a lot of Asians and Indians are healthy so they must be doing something right. Turmeric is a strong spice and it is part of the ginger family of spices. Therefore, it is very orange.

Why Should I Bother With Turmeric?

Turmeric is said to help with many medical treatments such as Gastrointestinal, cancer, diabetes (it is said to be able to reverse the effects of Type 2 Diabetes) and even help with depression, to name a few. There are many more and because Turmeric is a natural ingredient it can have less side effects than traditional Western medicine. However, having too much can still cause side effects and you should speak to your doctor before you use it (depending on what type medications you are on).

Curcumin is a huge part of Turmeric and this is the ingredient to guide you to not only lose the weight but (more importantly) to keep it off and as my Mom would say not to find it again. Turmeric can stop cells of fat from dividing. This means that people do not only gain weight by eating badly but by the cells dividing and growing in number. Turmeric is also said to improve digestion as well as to stop people from bloating. It can also improve your metabolism system as well (like Garcinia Cambogia). Now that you know combine the two supplements for more benefits.

Why Should I Combine Them?

When you combine the two you get the benefits of both worlds and more. By combining these two elements weight loss will be just around the corner in time for summer. They do not cancel each other out so because both the supplements share a lot of similarities these will not disappear but instead could be doubled. Individually they work in different ways to block the fat so when you combine Turmeric with Garcinia Cambogia they will fix different problem at the same time.

Remember to exercise at least half an hour a day and keep to a healthy diet.