Do you Feel Stressed on Daily Basis?

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Every individual around the entire world faces a daily threat to their bodily and mental health. This threat that we all struggle avoid stresswith every day, is quite a familiar word… stress. Although we are all highly familiar with the term, a great many of us lack understanding in what exactly stress is, as well as the effect that it has on our mental and physical (particularly weight gain) well-being. Let’s delve a little deeper into the roots of stress, including the causes, effects, and what we can do to hinder its ability to lay such tremendous claim on our lives. While in turn, understanding how to maintain healthy levels of stress to ensure optimal health in our lives.

It is interesting to note just how many stresses we find ourselves encountered with on a daily basis. From waking up in the morning and spilling coffee on your shirt, to dealing with a difficult commute to and from work, hassles at the office, or forgetting to pick something up for dinner. Each of these seemingly trivial tasks that we assume to simply just annoy us, actually generates a tremendous amount of stress in which our body’s know not how else to handle it, except for going into a form of shut-down mode. Each of these little situations, exerts a great amount of difficulty for our body’s to have to deal with, and this is something a great many of us overlook, but we often find ourselves wondering why our neck and back hurt when we have done no strenuous exercise.

Understanding and Avoiding Stress

To start, it is important to understand that our bodies tend to store stress in our muscles if there is no other way to release the stressor from our body by way of exercise, meditation, or even massage. That is the main reason that so many people in the world complain of having a sore low back, tight shoulders and an achy neck, we assume it may be from age, sleeping improperly, poor posture, et. al., but the root cause the vast majority of the time, is simply from stress. Additionally, there are several forms of physical symptoms of stress that should not be overlooked. Headaches and chest pains are another popular ailment that people complain of when their body’s reach stress-overload. Sleep-problems (whether tending to oversleep, not being able to sleep, or the inability to stay asleep) as well as extreme fatigue are common symptoms as well. Finally, changes in one’s sex drive can often be related to issues of stress as well, whether the sex drive is greatly increased or greatly diminished, this is a common example of how stress can affect our body.


Here are several productive steps to ensure that you stop stress, before it takes control and negatively affects your body:


Quite possibly the most powerful strategic approach to prevent stress from overcoming your body, is simply to breathe. The empowering inhalation and exhalation allows your mind to concentrate on the situation at hand, and slow down your body’s overwhelming need to want to act upon the stress. By taking note that the stressful situation is coming and that your body is instantly going to want to act upon its natural defense mechanism, you can protect your body instead by using your mental power to stop, breathe, and release.

Avoid Stress

This may seem like a simplistic approach, yet it is powerful no-less. By avoiding a situation that you know will create stress in yourself, is one of the best ways to remove stress from your life.

Go to the Gym

One of the most effective ways ( personally for me) is to go to the gym whenever i’m feeling stress creeping up garcinia cambogia and exerciseon me. It works like a charm! A good workout will fix you right up and put you in a great mood. Combine a good supplement with your workout, either it’s protein if you want to gain muscle weight, or a diet supplement if you are trying to burn fat more effectively.

Precautionary Measures

Another incredible way in coping with stress is to literally train your body to not stress at all. Simply incorporating something healthy and beneficial into your life can make all the difference in how your body responds to stress. Yoga, meditation, tai-chi, and massage are all wonderful and unique attributes that your body will begin to reflect upon naturally in stressful situations. Learning to focus in a positive manner, will automatically begin to hone into your negative attributes and begin to reverse them.

Eat Right

What we put into our body’s is often overlooked in terms of how it affects our stress-levels. “We are what we eat”, is a eat_rightcommon phrase yet few of us actually abide by this. Particularly at work, we typically have only 30 minutes to an hour, to try and take in lunch, and more often-than-not we find ourselves heading to the local fast food joint for a quick bite, and take no note of what our body’s actually need to get us through the day. By taking proper measures in packing a healthy lunch to keep our body’s up to par speed, we can utilize that to our benefit and ensure that feeling sluggish won’t create a hindrance on our day.

Do Less

We live in such a fast-paced society that it is so often difficult to find any time to slow down. From the moment we awaken in the morning we are on the go until we lay back down in bed. It is greatly important to set a schedule for ourselves and actually abide by it. Set all your “must-do” priorities first and foremost, get them out of the way, and whatever is left over can wait until tomorrow. There are 24 hours to be used in the day, and creating a schedule for yourself can ensure that you use them all wisely, and to you benefit, saving yourself a great amount of stress in turn.

In conclusion, every person in the world struggles to cope with stress everyday, but it is interesting and important to note, that we don’t have to. Simply by slowing our pace, learning how our body’s work as well as how they respond to stress, and then taking the proper measurements to prevent stress from happening in the first place (as well as dealing with it properly if it can not avoided) can save our body’s and minds a significant amount of pain and hardship.

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