Going Vegan for Weight Loss

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There are countless ways to lose weight out there. And we are constantly faced with options that we have heard that are the best vegan for weight lossway to go about shedding unwanted pounds. Lately, one of the most healthy options that we are learning about is going vegan. It is a proven concept that when one makes the decision to go vegan they instantaneously begin to lose weight. This article will go on to show you why exactly that is the case, and how you can start your own vegan diet for weight loss.

Going Vegan for Weight Loss Benefits

To start, the main reason why people who start a vegan diet instantly begin to see results can be summed up in one word… fiber.

Fiber-rich foods clear your intestines and in turn remove unnecessary toxins and processed foods from your diets. Fiber literally assists your body in cleaning itself. And interesting, animal products contain no fiber. As long as you find yourself filling your body with these types of foods, you will find yourself having difficulties losing weight. What drives most away from a vegan diet however, is the elimination, entirely, of some of their favourite foods. While vegetarianism may be beneficial (and may assist in a transition towards a full vegan diet), studies have shown that significant weight loss occurs with a strict vegan diet. However, many may find that their weight gain may be contributed to dairy products such as cheese, milk and yogurt.

Vegan Food Pyramids

Before you decide to take on a vegan diet for weight loss, it is of the utmost importance to do your research to ensure that your vegan food pyramidbody is still receiving all necessary nutrients for optimal health. Vegan food pyramids can be found online to review and study prior to taking on this form of diet. Remember however that food pyramids are created for the general public and that includes those people who are attempting to gain weight. When reviewing the pyramid you may need to make a few adjustments to ensure that you are getting all your needed nutrients, staying full, and also reaching out towards your weight loss goals.

Remember to not just replace the items that you love with vegan ones, such as soy milk, meats and cheeses), many of these products, while good for you, are still incredibly high in sodium and fats. Feel free to eat whole grains as well, they naturally fuel our bodies, giving us boasted energy levels while also keeping you feeling fuller for longer periods of time.

whole grains for health benefits

Watch Your Sugar

Make sure to watch your sugar levels as well. When we change our diets so drastically, we often find that we will begin to crave things that really are not the best for us. This is so often what leads to binge eating. If you do choose to incorporate sugar into your daily diet, (say in your coffee for instance), be sure that it is organic sugar and keep it to a minimum. Sugar is a killer when it comes to trying to lose weight. Fruit juice is also to be avoided for the same reason, it is packed with sugar. Just remember, just because the label shows fruit on it, does not mean it is beneficial for your body.

Consume Water and Vegetables

Be sure to load up on water, nuts and leafy green vegetables. These three are necessary in keeping your vegan diet on track, whiledrinking water for weight loss ensuring you are filling your body, creating higher energy levels and keeping you fuller for extended periods of time. Your water range should be between 6-12 (8 oz) glasses of water per day. Raw nuts contain enzymes that are packed with healthy fats and protein that your body will start to crave as it conforms to a vegan diet. And leafy green vegetables, like kale, turnip/mustard/collard greens, and bok choy, are loaded with calcium which is vital for your body.

And finally, get moving! Changing your diet is a lifestyle change as well. It can be incredibly easy to get discouraged and go back to your former ways, but keeping your mind off of your food choices, and getting your body in motion by way of walking, jogging, going to the gym, etc. is an amazing way to make your body feel stronger and more energized, which in turn will allow for your body and to relax and trust what you are doing to it in making such an extreme transition.

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