Making a nutrition plan for weight loss

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There are various diet plans used for weight loss. In fact, people use different diets to serve many different purposes. Some help you lose weight, while others help lower cholesterol, gain weight, stay fit and live a healthy life. In this post, we have specifically focused on some of the best diets people use to lose weight in a healthy manner.

zone diet

The Zone Diet

The Zone diet focuses on your body’s nutritional balance and provides 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fats every time you eat. In fact, this diet also aims to balance your insulin levels, which results in effective weight loss and weight management. While consuming the Zone diet, you eat good quality carbs (unrefined) and fats like Avocado, Olive oil and Nuts.

vegan diet

Vegetarian Diet

Most people don’t realize, but there are different types of vegetarians, like Fruitarian vegetarian, Lacto vegetarian, Living food vegetarian, Pescovegetarianos, Ovo-vegetarian and Semi-vegetarian. These are various diets used by people who want to lose weight without consuming animal-based foods.

Most people are lacto-vegetarians and don’t consume animal-based foods, except dairy, eggs and honey. According to many studies and researches, vegetarians tend to have lower body weight and suffer from a lot less diseases. Life expectancy of vegetarians is also higher.

weight watchers

Weight Watchers Diet

Almost every person on this diet focuses on exercise and support networks too. In fact, a support network is sponsored by Weight Watchers Inc., which was established in 1960s. It was established by a housewife who had just lost significant weight. She was worried that she might again gain some weight. Hence, she created a huge network of friends. Currently, Weight Watchers has a lot of branches all around the world. People on this diet can attend meetings, either online or personally.

dukan diet

Dukan diet

Among various diets used for weight loss, this one is the most effective. It is a high protein and low carb diet. The diet plan is divided into four different phases. If you stick to the specific rules of this diet, you can eat as much as you want. The first phase of the plan requires you to stick to a lean protein diet. You can choose from over 70 low fat and protein rich foods like turkey, fish, chicken, eggs and fat-free dairy products. If you follow this diet for five to seven days, you can lose weight quickly. You can not consume any carbs, except some oat bran.

Dukan Diet is quite different from Atkins diet. The phase one of Dukan diet restricts fats and vegetables. In the next three phases of this diet, you can gradually introduce some vegetables, fruits and carbohydrates. The primary goal of Dukan diet is to achieve 2 pounds weight loss per week and promote long term weight management. The final phase does not have any limit and lasts for as long as you want. It also involves regular exercise.

These were various diet plans used to lose weight in a healthy manner without starving yourself. Most people using these diets have reported positive results. Eating healthy is the key to living a long and healthy life. With these simple to follow diet plans, you can lose weight in a healthy manner and live a healthier life.

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