Revealed: 3 Simple and Effective Weight Loss Exercises

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exercise for weight loss

The most effective and surest way to lose weight is, undoubtedly, through exercising- a fact that is affirmed by numerous success stories. Therefore, if you are one of those people who secretly hope on some magic pill(s) for weight loss, it is time to wake up to reality as the truth is that without exercise they don’t work and exercising (along with others) has indeed proven to be one of the surest ways to attain effective weight loss.

What most desperate marketers would not want to admit in an attempt to entice you to buy their quick-fix weight loss products is that exercise is paramount for effective weight loss as it is one of the ways to burn calories. When you consume more calories than your body burns, you gain weight and when you take in fewer than you burn, you lose weight. It is that simple. Besides weight loss, exercising helps in boosting the immune system, revamps your muscles, and reduces cardiovascular diseases. Below, we take a look at 3 simple and effective weight loss exercises that you can incorporate in your weight loss plans, and all from the comfort of your home as follows:

1. Squats

These are simple exercises that involve various movements of hamstrings, biceps, triceps, and buttocks (the largest muscle groups) and which produce an elevated calorie burning effect on the body. Squats are performed by up- and-down movements out of an imaginary chair in the following way:

· Standing with your feet spread slightly apart whilst ensuring that your back remains straight

· Then, proceed to stretch your arms forward about your shoulder length

· Bend slowly downwards, as if you were about to sit on an imaginary chair

· Then returning to your original position and repeating the whole process.

It is always advisable to start squats with a chair until you master it perfectly. You can then remove the chair and repeat the process effectively.

2. Push-ups

As the name implies, push-ups involve simultaneous movements of the chest, shoulders, triceps, and biceps-which constitute the upper body-and abdominal muscles too. This simple exercise not only strengthens the abdominal muscles and upper body, but it makes the body more flexible as well. Push-ups entail the following:

· Stretching the legs in a straight line as they rest on the toes, with the arms fully extended more than your shoulder width on the ground

· Bending the elbows until your chest slightly touches the floor

· Then releasing your elbows until they are fully stretched again

· Lastly, repeating this continuously while still maintaining stretched legs (which should still be resting on their toes).

If you are a beginner, you may choose to start with your hands placed on a lower sedentary object such as a low stationary stool or bench until you have mastered the movements properly and can comfortably do it effectively on flat ground.

3. Jogging

This is, arguably, the easiest and most common weight loss exercise and one that requires no major equipment- all you need is a pair of proper running shoes. In jogging, the entire body is involved as you run in a slow but gradual manner- it is advisable to start slowly and steadily before increasing the intensity at your own pace. Jogging is beneficial in that it raises the heart rate which is vital for increased fitness levels and improved blood flow.